how to find us

For further information, we can be reached through the following means

By post: Rooms 1603-04, Shanghai Industrial Investment Building, 48-62 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


Phone: +852 3619 2111

What is the development plan in Asia?

With the full support from Charterhouse UK,Charterhouse Asia is to develop schools in 17 Asian countries or regions. Withthe inheritance of 400-year education practice in delivering first-classeducation from its UK campus, Charterhouse Asia has a promising developmentplan in the coming years on bringing high quality education to Asiancommunities, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore,South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan, Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Laos,Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam.

What grades are offered in schools?

Charterhouse Asia schools will be schools thatserve all years from kindergarten through to senior high school. However, eachschool section might be offered in several phases, which will be well plannedby our education experts in a project by project situation.

Charterhouse Asia are new schools without any track record, why should parents enroll their children?

In terms of nurturing both academic excellence and all-round development, Charterhouse Asia schools will leverage on the heritage of its UK campus's 400-year practice in delivering first-class education. In practice, Charterhouse UK will fully support Charterhouse Asia’s development and operation in terms of knowledge transfer and standard control, among others. Definitely, being new does not prevent us from being successful, rather it provides us with an incredible chance to well digest and then deliver the best combination of eastern and western educational practices and philosophies. The vision of development of the child shared by Charterhouse Asia schools is holistic and active, valuing participation and relationships in shared learning communities. Our Charterhouse graduates will be ‘future ready’. We welcome families who share this ethos to join us and to work together with us!

What is the relationship between Charterhouse School in the UK and Charterhouse Asia?

Charterhouse Asia is the only one official partner entitled to develop and operate schools in 17 Asian territories under the name of Charterhouse. In practice, Charterhouse Asia will not only share the same traditions and values as Charterhouse UK, but also hold a seamlessly close bonding with Charterhouse UK at all levels from governance to faculty and student exchanges. Charterhouse Asia commits to deliver a first-class education to local communities at the same high standard as its UK campus. Charterhouse Asia, together with Charterhouse UK, will provide our children with an unique network to gain cultural insights in local community and nurture global perspectives in overseas campuses.


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