Charterhouse Asia is embarking on a programme of school openings across East Asia. In partnership with Charterhouse, one of England’s historic public schools, we are realising a vision for a modern holistic education, inspired by tradition and informed by contemporary thinking, and designed for the needs of the future in the most dynamic region on the planet. Our development plan works towards a network of schools, secure in their Asian identity, with strong ties to the UK. We invite families who share in our ambition to join us.

our heritage
First-class British Education: A Heritage of 400-year Practice
The royal-designated leading school

Charterhouse School was founded by a businessman and philanthropist of England, Thomas Sutton, in London back in 1611. In 1868, the school was designated as one of the leading Original Seven public schools in the Royal Act, together with Eton College and Harrow School, among others. Some four hundred years later since its establishment, Charterhouse has developed into one of the UK’s top independent schools, providing a first-class education with outstanding boarding for more than 800 pupils.

An exceptional gateway to Oxbridge and Ivy League

Every year, our Charterhouse graduates achieve excellent results in public examinations, including A-level and IB Diploma Programme. In 2019 alone, 92% of our Charterhouse leavers attain Distinction and Merit grades in their pre-university public examinations. With such a superb academic achievement, our pupils have secured offers from some of the UK’s top universities, including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London. Beyond the UK, our Charterhouse leavers also get admitted into world top institutions, such as Princeton University, Brown University, and Columbia University.

Holistic education breeds contributors to society

Over the centuries, Charterhouse has fostered numerous excellent alumni contributing and excelling in industry, academia, the arts, politics, and beyond. At Charterhouse, our values are responsibility, moral courage, perseverance, open-mindedness, and kindness. Here, teaching and learning sit at the heart of what we do, going far beyond simply achieving grades. Through our distinctive academic and pastoral programmes we aim to encourage pupils to develop their own unique set of strengths and abilities so that individuals may flourish and become the best possible versions of themselves. We provide an education that lasts a lifetime, where pupils lead fulfilled and purposeful lives, enjoying an all-round education.

An Education for a Good Life

A holistic education is one that is ethical, intellectual, and spiritual. Drawing on this strong tradition, Charterhouse Asia brings this philosophy right up to date and presents a contemporary vision of the best of this heritage. Our graduates will be equipped with what we call the ‘Five for Life’: the five dimensions that build strength. These are the skill of relationships, the quality of sharp and attentive intelligence, the virtue of giving, the love of learning, and the habit of physical activity. With the ‘Five for Life’, our graduates will have the mental and personal strength to flourish and go well in life. They will be ‘future ready’.

A global network of schools to be

Charterhouse values its long-standing relationship with the Asia-Pacific region, from which nearly 10% of the school’s current pupils. Being keen to further build on these connections, Charterhouse Asia has obtained an exclusive licence right from Charterhouse UK to develop schools in 17 Asian territories. With the inheritance of 400-year practice in delivering first-class education from its UK campus, Charterhouse Asia has a promising development plan in the coming years on bringing high quality education to Asian communities, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan, Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Our promises to Carthusians

We commit to prepare our Charterhouse Asia graduates to live a life of positive impact and personal fulfilment for the future:

  • Become confident with taking onthe world’s complexity and opportunity
  • Become rational while making decisionsfor themselves under risks
  • Become flexible in the face ofchange, resilient in the face of setback, and calm in the face of challenge
  • Become innovative and critical thinkers
  • Become aware of the fulfilment in serving others
  • Become ready to experience failing as part of achieving success
  • Become proficient in both English and the home language, andcomfortable in any social setting
  • Become strengthened by a tradition of moral purpose
  • Become unencumbered by prejudice, entitlement,or intellectual snobbery
"Some four hundred years later since its establishment, Charterhouse has developed into one of the UK’s top independent schools"
Our Mission and Vision

To operate schools where pupils and teachers Study, Create, and Inspire to develop their capacities to build better lives for themselves and for others.


Future Ready - Embracing the Challenges Ahead

Core values of Charterhouse:

Charterhouse Asia shares, and is informed by, the core values of Charterhouse UK, including:

  • Responsibility,
  • Moral courage,
  • Perseverance,
  • Open-mindedness,
  • Kindness.
"Everyone is a student, including the children, the teachers, and the parents."
Future Ready : The Charterhouse Asia Difference
Preparing our children for a future full of changes and disruptions

As Parents, we are all aware of the changes around us and are concerned about how our child can best cope for the future. Advancements in technology, communication, and the social network are disrupting businesses all over the world in all aspects of our daily lives. As adults, we are trying to cope with the daily changes ourselves let alone trying to plan for an education for our children into an unforeseeable future. How can we provide our children with an education that will help them manoeuvre through this constant change to come out as decent, confident, complete, learned young people equipped to live well in this changing world?

We, at Charterhouse Asia, have our answer to this seemingly difficult dilemma.

We will not attempt to “predict and provide” but rather:

  • Build eternal human and ethical qualities that are the foundations of a decent contributing member of our society
  • Provide the confidence to move easily in global communities from strong language skills and fluent cultural knowledge
  • Build awareness of and the ability to exercise the full breadth of their human intelligence

The resulting graduates of Charterhouse Asia will :

  • Know how to learn and to succeed in a rigorous academic environment.
  • Have the flexibility of mind to respond with imagination and creativity to changing situations
  • Have the breadth of intelligence and calm, self-confidence to mix easily with others
  • Have characters of empathy and sensitivity that will help them form strong inter-personal relationships at school, in the family and in their professional lives.
  • Be the kind of people that brings the best out of other people

A Charterhouse Asia school will be about living and learning together. Team sports, collective arts activities, group activities, will be an essential part of the programme where they can enjoy the experience of life,school and community. They will also learn to value and to exercise the full breadth of their intelligence through our unique Seven Smarts Programme, so they are ready for a world disrupted by artificial intelligence.

Our students will be ready, on leaving the school, to live good lives, with the educational credentials for strong professional careers,with the qualities to enhance the lives of people around them and the spark of individuality to bring changes to the world.

They will have experienced an education built on participation and relationships and they will be practised, experienced, and accomplished in how to study, how to create, and how to inspire.

"A Charterhouse Asia school will be about living and learning together."
Tradition of Giving Back

The Charterhouse story starts with a generous donation from the philanthropist, Thomas Sutton, back in 1611. Here at Charterhouse today, we inherit our founder’s personal motto -- “Deo Dante Dedi”, meaning “God having given, I gave”.

For all members of Charterhouse Asia community, the sense of service and generosity will be a key element of our life here. We sincerely believe that all parties gain when schools, charities and community groups work more closely together: by doing so, we all learn, and can better equip the children we teach for their future lives and careers. Our community involvement programme will be in place through organising academic and co-curricular partnerships, forming strategic relationships with schools and organisations, and committing to voluntary sector both in local community and in life-changing work abroad.

We also commit to create a more diverse community at Charterhouse, and to welcome all those who can contribute to and benefit from our educational offer, regardless of background. As we move along, Charterhouse Asia will be able to offer a limited number of bursaries each year for pupils entering secondary school sections, with preference given to those who would benefit from our education, but whose parents are unable to afford the fees. All bursaries are means-tested and are subject to funds being available.

At Charterhouse, community outreach is not an agenda or a department, but a core part of who we are and what we do.

"When schools, charities and community groups work more closely together we can better equip the children we teach for their future lives and careers."